Another Fun Facts Friday and Some Snow

Good morning and happy friday! My friday is already off to a great start thanks to mother nature.

IMG_1221 IMG_1223


Snow!!! I warned you that every time it snows you’re going to hear about it, it just makes me so happy :)


This morning I actually cooked my oatmeal for a change.


I mixed a little nutmeg in the oatmeal and topped it with bananas. I also ate it in a glass traveling container, not because the bowls were all dirty, but just because I like the container.



I also had an egg on the side for a little extra protein.

Rest Day and Challenge

Friday is my workout off day for the week so I’m looking forward to enjoying a leisurely friday.

I still completed my core challenge of the day with a 45 second plank and 20 pushups. This is a lot more challenging when your upper body is sore.


Fun Facts Friday #2

I really enjoyed doing a fun facts list last friday so I thought I’d do it again today.

1. I worked at Rita’s Italian Ice all throughout high school. Either you’ve never heard of Rita’s or you’re quite fond of their products and less fond off their prices. For those of you haven’t heard of it, Rita’s is basically just your average overpriced ice-cream place except instead of ice cream it’s italian ice and custard.

This was my first job ever and the first time I ever understood what it meant to be tired of ice-cream. I got to work with my bosses wife and she is literally one of the greatest human beings ever. She pretty much made my first job experience the best. I left that job on good terms and I’m pretty sure I have access to free Rita’s for as long as I live in this area.

2. I eat stuff off the floor, it’s gross I know, but 5 second rule right? To further weird you out I thought I’d mention that I once found an M&M in between couch cushions and I ate it, oh the things you will do for chocolate.

3. I was homeschooled in middle school and in highschool by choice. For some reason me and my friend thought it would be really cool to try homeschooling so we both did it together. The friend eventually moved away but it turned out I actually quite enjoyed homeschooling. I was always a bit of an independent learner.

Just to clarify I had plenty of friends and a social life, homeschooled does NOT equal antisocial. this video pretty much sums it up…. and yes to snow days

4. I’m the youngest in my family, so yes I’m slightly spoiled and precocious but I also bake my family lots of food so they forgive my shortcomings ;)

5. I like using the sharp knives. Doesn’t matter what I’m eating, if it involves the use of a knife I want the to use the sharp ones. I also really want one of those ridiculous pocket knives that has every thing in the planet inside of it. I swear I’m not a serial killer….

6. My favorite color is blue, not light blue, but something like royal blue or navy blue.



I’m pretty sure this started because I thought everyone else who liked blue liked light blue and I wanted to be different. Nowadays I actually really do like these shades best (you might be able to tell from my blogs color scheme).

7. I used to want to open a bakery…….. sometimes the desire is still there but then I remember that I strongly dislike responsibility.

The End

Enjoy your Weekend!!!


Question’s of the Day

What’s your favorite color?

Your first Job?

Ever eaten something off the floor?


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2 thoughts on “Another Fun Facts Friday and Some Snow

    • sharp knife buddies!! there’s really no way to say that without sounding creepy ;) A book store sounds like a nice first job, i’m a little bookworm myself.

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