Meditation and Cute Youtube Videos

Hi there and happy Wednesday!

I don’t have a workout recap today because I will actually be taking an evening bootcamp class. I’ll definitely give a recap on it in tomorrow’s post.



I stuck to my old favorite today and had peanut butter oats and cereal with almond milk.



You guys probably get tired of hearing this but I love peanut butter!



Since I don’t have exercise to talk about today, I thought I would discuss a different sort of healthy lifestyle topic. Meditation.



If you read my new year’s goal post, then you know I’m trying to practice meditating once a week. Ideally I try to do it more than once a week but I wanted to make the goal small so that I can stay consistent when life gets busy.

I know meditation may come off as a bit hippy dippy for those who have never tried it. Let me explain a little more about what type of meditation I do and why I’m trying to do more of it.

What is it?

The Meditation sessions I do are usually 5-10 minute guided mediation videos. I keep them short because my attention span isn’t the greatest but I still find them very effective. The guided meditation means that rather than just sitting in silence or listening to peaceful music there is someone talking in the background trying to help you focus your thoughts in a particular way.

This works really well for me. If I just sat and tried to clear my thoughts on my own then I’d end up getting majorly distracted. The type of meditation I do is less about clearing your head completely and more about focusing your thoughts and tuning in to your body.

Why do it?

Being a human being and all, I experience stress every now and then. For me practicing meditation is a way of starting my mind in a good place for that day. It also helps you train your mind to be in control over negative thoughts throughout the day.

It’s kind of like exercise. Just like workout sessions you have meditation sessions. You become stronger and then are able to use the skills in your workout/meditation sessions to improve the quality of your life outside of the session.

Working out= stronger body

Meditating= stronger mind

Want to try it out?

I strongly encourage trying meditation. I’ve found great videos here and here.

By the way, it’s completely normal to be skeptical at first. Even I feel like that from time to time, just try to take a deep breath and enjoy the experience instead. Worst case scenario is you waste a couple of minutes of your day but if you honestly invest I can guarantee you will feel better after trying meditation.


Funny Videos

Besides helping me center my mind and body, YouTube videos have other great and profound uses.

Like making me smile or laugh.

I probably have way to much time on my hands but I just wanted to share some of the cute and funny YouTube videos that I’ve watched lately.


baby talk bla bla bla – YouTube


Funny Dogs Sliding on Wood Floors Compilation 2013 [NEW HD] – YouTube

Ultimate Pug Video Compilation 2013 [NEW HD] – YouTube

Babies and doggies (WARNING: this one is unbelievably cute)

▶ Baby and Puppy meet for the first time! – YouTube

and even some Baby and Kitty cuteness

The most patient and docile cat ever! – YouTube


Hope one of those videos made your day a little brighter :)


Question’s of the Day

What are your thoughts on meditation?

Anyone else watch cute YouTube videos when they’re bored?

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