New Haircut and an Early Morning Workout

Hi guys, Happy Monday!!!

How was everyone’s weekends? Congrats to Seahawks fans and my condolences to Broncos fans. I was rooting for the Broncos so it was a bit of a let down but at least I still had a nice time with family and friends.

I made a batch of my healthified fudge for the game. I basically took the original 1-2 serving recipe and multiplied it by 8.



It was gone in the first hour so I’m assuming it was a hit.


I was feeling adventurous yesterday so I decided to get a haircut.



It’s really different, right!?!

I’d been meaning to cut my hair for a while now. When it’s long it’s always shedding everywhere  and it gets kind of annoying to deal with. Now it’s really short, I actually feel kind of weird cause it makes me look so different.

But I’m slowly getting used to it. Plus showers are so easy now.


Early Morning Workout

After a weekend of not so careful eating I was more than ready to start the week right. So I got in my workout in first thing this morning. I normally don’t like to workout before food but I wanted to get it done before I had to leave for school this morning, so empty stomach it was.

I repeated a previous Kettlebell Workout of mine that was killer.

Doing those rear foot elevated split squats after the warrior 3 rows is a pain in the butt, literally.

I felt accomplished after my workout but also a little nauseated. I think that’s just a side effect of not being accustomed to working out first thing in the morning.



I rewarded my hard work with a bowl of oats and yogurt.



I added some applesauce and chopped apples for a bit of an apple pie twist. Topped with peanut butter of course ;)


Question’s of the Day

What time of day do you work out at?

Craziest hair cut you’ve ever gotten?

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6 thoughts on “New Haircut and an Early Morning Workout

  1. That is a huge difference! Man, you are brave but it looks great! How do you style it for running? I cut lower back length hair to my ears 7 or 8 years ago and dyed it from blonde to dark brown at the same time. Obviously quite drastic and much regretted.

    • Thanks! I have no idea what I’m going to do for running, lol. I might have to invest in a headband or rock the dinky half ponytail with bangs pinned back look. Wow, colored and cut to chin length in one go. That must have been a big adjustment!

    • kudos to you for getting your workout in that early, I’m more of a late morning exerciser. I like to eat breakfast, have some coffee, and relax before my workout. But i’m trying to get better at doing early morning workouts.

  2. Yum you’re brownies look delicious! I am so not adventurous with my hair but onetime I cut a bunch off so it went from relatively long to a bob. The nice thing about short hair is less drying time and it feels so light :)

    • I know right! I love how easy it makes the whole showering and getting ready process, of course the bangs take away from that a bit but I wouldn’t want to make my life too easy now would I ;)

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