Funny Search Terms and Another Treadmill Workout

Hi guys! How was your weekend?

I’m starting to get a little bit of deja vu saying that. Guess the weeks pass by quickly when you’re having fun…. or when you’re really busy. Or hopefully both.

Well, the mini snow storm we were supposed to get just turned into a light dusting



Pretty but not enough to get me out of school.


30 Minute Speedwork and Hills

I already knew when I woke up this morning that todays treadmill workout was going to have to be very interesting to keep me motivated. I love long runs but whenever I do them they always make me feel the need to make my shorter treadmill runs more fun.



This workout combined 10 minutes of 1 minute sprint intervals with 10 minutes of hills. It moved along quickly, which was exactly what I needed today. Oh, and it was a great reminder to never underestimate the power of the incline. There were only two “hills” but they were killer.



Funny Search Terms

Since I’m a somewhat fresh blogger (since august) I have not always had a large amount of search terms for my website. As my blog slowly grows though I have had a couple more interesting ones lately.

I always find it amusing when bloggers show some of the odder search terms that lead people to their website so I though I’d share a couple good ones with you guys.

  • chocolate chocolate more chocolate

There’s not really much to say about this. You’ve come to the right place.

  • 6 second ab workouts

Sorry to disappoint, if only an effective 6 second ab workout existed.

  • pumpkin snickerdoodles made with coconut oil went for a run

Did they do some strength training too? ;)

  • the cranberry sauce song

ok, someone needs to tell me what this is right now.

  • effect of eating an entire jar of peanut butter

I’ve never tried before but I’m willing to experiment for the sake of science.

  • can you eat warm pumpkin pie

Yes! and you can eat warm cookies and warm cake and warm muffins, and warm whatever you want. Don’t let the world stop you from fulfilling you dreams!!!!


Hope you guys found a little amusement in that :)


Question’s of the Day

Blogger buddies, what’s the funniest search term you’ve ever gotten?

What would you eat a massive amount of to further the progress of science?

Any idea what the cranberry sauce song is? 

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