I am a massive foodie

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was great and filled with a bunch of delicious food. Especially on Sunday….. I may have went a bit overboard but it’s carb-loading time right????

Weekend Eats

I did so much baking this weekend it would have been a shame not to share some pics, so here we go!

We randomly had some plantains in the house.


So I made tried making plantain chips of course!



I cut up the plantains, tossed them in some oil and seasonings and baked at 400 F for about 11 minutes on each side. They were actually pretty good. Probably should have baked them a bit longer for even more of a crunch though.

Btw, never eat a plantain like a banana……. they are not the same.

I then proceeded to make some sweet potato and chocolate whoopie pies.


Kind of like a pumpkin-chocolate thing, except with sweet potato.

Dinner on saturday was another attempt at a lentil patty.


Note: baking works better than pan frying. I went in more of a falafel direction than a burger one this time. The trick, I think, is to stop trying to make the lentils pretend to be something they’re not and just accept them for what they are (surprisingly wise thoughts from the topic of lentil patty making).

Sunday’s breakfast was a pretty regular oats and yogurt but this time I topped them with………..


Blueberries!!! Whenever I eat fresh berries it always makes me feel like spring is really here.

I may have mentioned it once or twice before but my mother is from Austria, making me half-austrian. A couple of my friends who are also half-Austrian wanted to do a bit of an Austrian baking/cooking day. So I was pretty much in food heaven on sunday.

On the Menu



aka. chicken that has been flattened, breaded and pan-fried. oh my goodness, this was sooooo goood. Seriously, I’m not a crazy big meat-eater but I think I could eat this every day for the rest of my life.

We also had some potato and broccoli sides with it:


My plate of yumminess:


We then tried to make apple strudel from scratch, dough and all.


I strongly recommend researching an apple strudel dough recipe long before you try to make it. This was kind of on the spot but it turned out pretty good anyways.

IMG_1924 IMG_1926

You can’t really go too wrong with dough and apples.

IMG_1928 IMG_1930

Weekend Workouts

Believe it or not, I did more than just eat food all weekend.

Saturday – Easy 5 Mile run

Sunday – 35 mn Livestrong Strength Workout 

The strength workout I did on sunday was a random body weight workout that I found on youtube. Once you get over the slightly cheesy instructor it’s actually a pretty good workout. I liked all of the exercises, although some of the ab and leg stuff was a bit easy for me. Which was actually perfect since I’m trying to tone my workouts down this week. The arm moves were plenty effective though.

Today’s Run

Today I went for an easy 3.76 miles.

What I did:

  • 5 mn. @6.2, 5 mn. @6.8
  • 4 mn. @6.2, 4 mn. @6.8
  • I continued this pattern for 3 mn, 2 mn, and 1 mn.
  • then finished another 5 mn. @6.2


So far I’m doing pretty good at the keeping it easy plan, we’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

Have a great Monday!!!

Question’s of the Day

What food makes you think of spring?

Do you have trouble taking easy workout weeks?

Favorite foreign dessert?






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13 thoughts on “I am a massive foodie

    • I’m sure they had superb strudel there! I have got to visit sometime, half for the relatives and half for the food ;)

  1. Ugh for some reason I stopped getting your notifications, but I think unfollowing and re-following fixed it (I hope). Anyway, I’m going to come over and have you cook for me ok? Except no apples ;) but everything looks delicious!

  2. I just finished lunch and read this post….I’m hungry again! (thanks) Sweet potato whoopie pies – yum! And i’ve never had a plantain before.

    What food makes me think of spring (certainly not this blizzard we are getting;) fresh blueberries.

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