Catching Up

Whoops, I totally skipped out on blogging Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday I didn’t have much to say and Wednesday I was 100% planning on blogging but somehow ended up getting rather busy and suddenly the day was over. On the bright side I’ve got lots to tell you guys about now. In particular I did something kind of awesome or stupid depending on how you look at it, but I’ll get to that in a second.

Things to Catch Up On


This baking experiment.

IMG_2484 IMG_2486

I tried making cinnamon roll cookies and they actually turned out pretty great. I’ll share the recipe soon!


These squirrels that decided to nap on my porch.

IMG_2491 IMG_2492

You should have seen them before they noticed me taking pictures of them. I swear their heads were down and they were just snoozing like a pair of lazy squirrels. My mom of course quickly determined that they just needed some sustenience and proceeded to feed them our almonds. Oh mom…….


This adorable picture I saw on twitter.



This different but really nice yoga video I did the other day.

Gravity and Grace


Happy Be-lated National Running Day!!!


I actually got out for a 3.5 mile run yesterday. I was originally just going to do a mile but I was feeling kind of mentally blah so I thought a little extra time running would do me good. It definitely helped clear my head but man was it hot!


I signed up for a 10k……… for this saturday.

Lol, I’m such a goof sometimes. I’ve literally only run 3 times this month including yesterday’s 3.5 miles.

I’d been seeing signs for this 10k and for some reason I didn’t connect the dots till yesterday that the race was right by where I lived. “insert exasperated facial expression” Since this doesn’t happen very often I decided I would just go ahead and sign up for it. I know I’m completely capable of finishing it but I’m not sure how dead I’ll be by the end.

Whelp, too late to go back now. I really like the idea of being more involved with my areas running community though so at the very least I think it’ll be a nice way to get to know people better.

Wish me luck, I will need all of it.


Have a great Thursday!!!


Question’s of the Day

Did you run yesterday?

Ever run a race you didn’t train for?

Are you a fan a cinnamon related baked goods?


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13 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Nope! And I really had no excuse! I have totally run races I haven’t trained for….I tell myself I’ll never do it again, then I totally do it again.
    I’m not crazy over cinnamon related baked goods, but I definitely like them. I much prefer chocolate!

  2. I can’t wait for your cinnamon roll cookie recipe. You are a brilliant lady. Have fun at the 10K. I once did a half with no training (ok twice). It is manageable :)

    • aww, thanks! You’re a great runner so I’m not surprised you still managed it but that definitely makes me feel better about my 10k :)

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